10 important notes when traveling Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the most desirable destinations in Asia – a cross between Asian and European culture. The quaintness comes from temples, old town, traditional waiting, eateries and apartment blocks. The modernity comes from entertainment centers, entertainment centers and commercial buildings with unique architecture. If you are a fan of TVB dramas, you will definitely want to go to Hong Kong once and experience the life and culture that you can only see on the small screen. A few notes below will help you get a smooth and complete trip to Hong Kong.

1. Quickly learn some sentences to communicate in Cantonese

In some busy tourist areas, employees at shopping centers or restaurants almost speak English better than Chinese. Cantonese is the main language here.

At small local shops, taxi drivers or traditional markets, you have to prepare some basic communication questions such as thank you, sorry, ask for price, ask directions …

At public transport works or attractions, signs are all English, so knowing English when traveling to Hong Kong can be considered an advantage.


You can find many signs or people can speak Cantonese and English, especially young people. @Getyourguide

2. The service is quite expensive

The currency unit of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

Exchange rate: 1 HKD equivalent from 2,500 VND to 2,800 VND depending on the different time.

You can exchange money in advance in Vietnam or exchange in Hong Kong at the money exchange, airport, bank or hotel where you stay.

Hong Kong is famous in Asia as one of the top expensive destinations, especially entertainment services from hotels, restaurants, bars, …

So, before the trip, you have to save money and plan a reasonable spending plan before setting foot in Hong Kong. In addition to cash, international visa cards are needed.

Besides, Hong Kong is an extremely diverse and attractive shopping paradise with fashion items, cosmetics, electronics and jewelry. Sometimes, “window shopping” is also very dangerous because you will easily be tempted by the goods market in the country of Thom Port. From luxury goods of thousands of dollars, mid-range goods to affordable items, you can always think of a reason to buy and own them. Therefore, spending money in Hong Kong must also be very “brave” if not want to be “out of pocket”.

Shopping as soon as you want. Why? Because most goods sold in the city center enjoy a preferential tax rate and are especially good for tourists if you give your passport at the checkout counter. Some people just focus on shopping at duty free shops in the airport. You must know that brands located in the airport are mostly luxury goods of big brands and you do not have many options. Smart shopping in Hong Kong is also a skill.

At markets and resorts, the challenge still appears, so it’s best to ask the price carefully before buying and bidding if you find it inappropriate. @ULTURA EXCLUSIVE / KEVIN C MOORE

Talking about spending, shopping, especially in night markets, tourist resorts, small shops or traditional markets, do not be afraid to bargain when shopping. Usually, tourists pay half the price, then slowly pay up until you think it is appropriate. If you pretend to leave, the seller may call you back.

3. Temperature difference

The summer in Hong Kong is very hot and uncomfortable. Sometimes the temperature difference is very large, about 20 degrees Celsius between the commercial center building and the street. Therefore, many tourists are susceptible to heat stroke, dizziness or colds.

The weather is hot, so when you go out, you should take measures to prevent sunstroke. @hongkongthrumyeyes

Tip is that before stepping into places with air conditioning, you should stand in front of the door about 2-3 minutes for people to sweat and get used to the temperature, then step in, and vice versa. Please bring a hat, umbrella and a thin coat to miss any changes in temperature, then quickly put on the coat.

4. The pace of life is very rushed

As the introduction video of Hong Kong, you will find the footsteps of the people here are very rushed even when going to work, go out, go shopping, especially clearly in the big streets or subway stations. So don’t be overwhelmed, move slowly to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the culture of this place.

Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong people. @ noroadbarred.wordpress

Note, the winter in Hong Kong has a high humidity, so if you move quickly or exercise, you will sweat a lot, very uncomfortable.

5. Limit taxi rides, especially during rush hours

Why not? Hong Kong is a busy country and also has traffic jam for hours at rush hour. the cars almost line up in motion.

A long line of real estate cars at rush hour. @vickyhuiwki

Instead, either take the walk or use the subway for convenience, economical and fast.

6. The divine Octopus card

The card is worth about $10 sold at the airport, used to go to any subway station or to shop fast at convenience stores like Circle K or 7eleven.


Utility and popular cards are popular in Hong Kong. @ spacious.hk

This card is very divine. It can be used to pay for buses, MTR trains, ferries, trams and fast food stores.

7. Do not spit in public

Since the acute SARS pandemic in 2003, the Hong Kong government has banned people and tourists from spitting in public. You will see signs of spitting appear in many places and people strictly obey.

If violating, you can be fined 500 HKD, equivalent to 14 million right away and always. @averagetraveller

8. Note in eating

Hong Kong people are very incompetent in placing chopsticks vertically into a rice bowl or placing chopsticks on top of each other. They conceive that this brings bad luck.

Restaurants in Hong Kong, especially small eateries, usually do not leave tissues on the table, so it is best to have some tissue in your bag.

The night market is an ideal place for you to enjoy Hong Kong’s street food. @Malcolm Surgenor

The food in Hong Kong is mostly greasy and sweet. If more thoughtful, you can bring some food from Vietnam such as instant noodles, dry food, sesame salt to use.

9. Always carry papers with you

It is common for police to patrol a paperwork in Hong Kong, especially at pubs. This helps them ensure security and you also feel more secure when traveling in the country of Thom Port. Surely TVB movies also let you understand the police’s mission and their daily work, right?

10. Bring the power jack

In China and Hong Kong, most electronics use a 3-pin power socket. Ideally, you should have a socket with 3-pin and 2-pin jacks plugged in to charge your phone, laptop and camera.

Some notes above, hope you will prepare yourself a trip to Hong Kong most interesting, safe and perfect with lots of fun.

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