10 best hotels in Osaka


Osaka Autumn usually comes quite late, when the weather of some other provinces is at the end of autumn, Osaka is only about midway through the season. Therefore, November is a good time to go to Osaka to see red leaves. Take a stroll through the 10 best hotels in Osaka here to quickly prepare for the year-end trip.

The weather in Osaka is cool during the day and chilly at night, the space glows with yellow, red like the warm fire of maple leaves, and tidbits turn color. The warm scenery here, combined with the image of the people walking around in the blazing nature, will surely make anyone visiting Osaka also attracted irresistibly. And start the first step of preparing for the trip by choosing a hotel in Osaka that really matches the list of 10 hotels in Osaka below.

1. Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka – Namba

Opened with 3-star hotel Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka-Namba. As part of the popular Sotetsu Hotel Club, which is present in most Japanese provinces, there is no need to worry about the quality of service here. The hotel is located in the busiest Namba district in Osaka, right opposite the Dotonbori street with many bright shops. From the hotel, it’s also a short walk to Osaka Kitntetsu Nipponbashi Subway Station or Nagahoribashi.


The space is generally designed in a modern style, not too picky. @Internet

Rooms here are very Japanese style – small, comfortable and modern. Delicate minimalist design contributes to the expansion of the space, the array of brightly painted walls helps to brighten the room. And of course, the bathrooms here are equipped with relaxing soaking tubs, famous Japanese automatic toilets and a sleeping outfit for guests to stay. Comfort and completeness is what this place brings.


Room is simple and still fully furnished. @Internet

There is a Masse Dining restaurant serving breakfast buffet and meals of the day. Buffet with a variety of delicious dishes, featuring Japanese cuisine and many international dishes. To prepare for an all-day tour, don’t forget to drop by for breakfast here!


The main dining room serves breakfast. @Internet

Extensive menu with many European and Asian dishes combined. @Internet
  • Address: 1-1-13 Nipponbashi, Chuoku, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $100

2. Khaosan World Namba

A next hotel is also located in Namba, specializing in providing dormitory rooms – dorm rooms – will be extremely reasonable for the trip to crowded people want to be near each other. Khaosan World Namba Hotel “embraces” to nearly 9.0 points on Traveloka’s site, proving that the service here is also extremely desirable!

Although it is a dorm room, every room here is extremely spacious and airy. The hotel offers dorm beds including 12 beds, 8 beds, 6 beds, 4 beds and double rooms, including a female dorm room. Rooms with shared bathrooms – rated by guests as always well ventilated and clean.


The dorm room type is close, cozy and extremely economical. @Internet

When traveling with a group of friends, the dorm room is an extremely reasonable choice. @Internet

The basement of the hotel has a shared kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, stove, coffee and tea available, where you can cook comfortably. There is also a common area with all-day coin-operated washing machines. Convenient and “quiet”, surely this place will make you satisfied.


Shared kitchen space – you can meet lots of international friends here. @Internet

The hotel is very close to Namba Subway Station, Dotonbori Street, Kuromon Market as well as a range of other 24-hour convenience stores. The staff is also extremely friendly and very helpful during their stay here.

The map of nearby locations is very detailed and easy to understand, including for visitors, of the hotel. @Internet
  • Address: 1-2-13, Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $10

3. APA Hotel Osaka – Higobashi – Ekimae

3-star APA Hotel Osaka is located in the crowded and bustling center of Osaka. The hotel has an underground passage leading to Higobashi Station, and you only need a few minutes by train to Osaka Station, the Dotonbori street is only a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Accommodation at APA Hotel Osaka offers both smoking and non-smoking rooms, so if you want to “take a few breaths”, you should keep this in mind when booking on Traveloka. Rooms are clean and bright white with all necessary amenities such as 40-inch LCD TV, fridge, slippers and other personal items. Each room has windows with quite nice and airy views.


Rooms are quite modern and full of light thanks to the design of 2 large windows. @Internet

The hotel owns 2 restaurants, La Veranda Restaurant – specializing in Japanese and European dishes, along with Chao Sai Gon Restaurant – specializing in French and Vietnamese dishes. Both offer daily buffet breakfasts. In the hotel, there are also many vending machines available with very convenient currency exchange machines.


Dining space for guests. @Internet
  • Address: 1-2-1 Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Nishi, Osaka Prefecture
  • Price per night: From $35

4. HOTEL MYSTAYS Shin Osaka Conference Center

Conveniently located for transportation, the 3-star HOTEL MYSTAYS is a 5-minute walk from the Central Gate of JR Shin-Osaka Shinkansen Station. From there, you can reach Kyoto Station in less than 30 minutes or 2.5 hours to Tokyo Station. Some of the other famous attractions around the hotel include the Osaka Aquarium, Osaka Castle, etc.

Located at the crossroads, the hotel is easy to identify. @Internet

With ultra-modern design designs, sophistication and bright, rooms here are always in the top priority of travelers. You can freely choose the room types Single, Twin, Double and Semi-Double depending on the needs. Each room has strong wifi, fully equipped with facilities, including wooden desk and flat-screen TV. The hotel also prepared free tea and coffee, nightwear and many other personal items.


Rooms are also very comfortable and cozy. @Internet

You can enjoy many famous Japanese dishes without leaving the hotel. Steak & hamburg restaurant RIVAGE will offer a wide selection of delicious breakfast buffet, quality à la carte meals of the day including steak and hamburg. If you like exploring Osaka street food, lots of food shops are waiting for you down the street. There is also a small laundry area with a prepared iron, and a massage service for a fee is available upon request.


Feel free to choose the food you like. @Internet
  • Address: Nishinakajima 6-2-19 Yodogawa-ku, Yodogawa, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $50

5. Ookini Ryokan and Apartment

A 3-star Ookini Ryokan and Apartment in Namba, Osaka, a 10-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Shopping Mall and Amerikamura. The hotel has a large area, located right on the front of the road so it’s easy to recognize. If you are looking for a Japanese-style accommodation, then Ookini Ryokan and Apartment is the right place for you.


Standard traditional bedroom with futon. @Internet

Room at hotel is divided into two main types: accommodation and apartment. Accommodations are provided with futons-style beds, a style typical of Japanese families. The futon bed at the hotel is very smooth and warm, the room is fully covered with tatami mats, full of necessary facilities, lovely and cozy. And the apartment here has an extremely large area with separate bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, the apartment also owns a fully equipped kitchen, dining table and extremely large bathroom. Amenities like a 5 star apartment.

The living area, dining room and kitchen are like a real apartment. @Internet

There is no restaurant in the hotel, you can choose to cook your own meal in the kitchen or walk the culinary streets around the hotel.

  • Address: 1-13-3, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $80

6. Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka

Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka is a 3-star hotel located in central Osaka. From here, it’s only a 3-minute walk to Nipponbashi Station, from here it takes a 10-minute train ride to Tsutenkaku Tower, 20 minutes to Universal Studios Japan and a 30-minute train ride to Osaka Castle.

Tradition imprinted from the outside to each room. @Internet

Styled like a traditional Japanese house, every room here certainly makes you satisfied and makes the perfect check-in photography backdrop. Accommodations do not feature beds, instead you will experience the traditional futon bedding on a tatami mat. Wooden door with paper stickers, wall paintings and a tea table are all very Japanese. The room is still equipped with full amenities such as television, minibar and personal items. Don’t forget to have breakfast served in the dining room with a variety of dishes from traditional Japanese food to Western dishes!

The hotel also has an onsen hot spring. @Internet
  • Address: 2-17-4 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $100

7. Osaka View Hotel Honmachi

Located in central Osaka, the 3-star Osaka View Hotel Honmachi is about a 5-minute drive from Shinsaibashi Shopping Area and Dotonbori Street. The hotel offers breathtaking rooms with spectacular views of the city. The sophisticated design style with the main beige color makes the space here brighter and more airy.

The room is as beautiful as a display area. @Internet

Rooms here are spacious and extremely clean. Modern facilities include a television, tea table, desk, personal computer and other personal items. The balcony with the ceiling door is a highlight for bringing light and spectacular views outside the city into the room.


The bedroom is also very delicate and brightly decorated, with high ceilings and ceilings. @Internet

In addition, there is a restaurant that offers delicious meals throughout the day. You can enjoy a buffet-style breakfast with a wide selection of spreads from Asia – Europe here.

  • Address: 4-5-2 Hommachi, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $50

8. Hotel Seagull Palace Abeno

3-star hotel Seagull Palace Abeno is located in Abeno, Osaka, about 5 minutes by car from Abeno Harukas and Spa World. Around the hotel there are plenty of food and shopping neighborhoods as well as 24-hour convenience stores like 7eleven. From the hotel, it is also just a few minutes to Abeno Station, from there to move to nearby attractions easily.


Facades like old houses in Osaka. @Internet

Accommodations at hotels are rated “just like a dorm room”. Each room is equipped with a kitchen area with 2-cell gas stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and wash like an apartment. A washing machine is also available, along with many other modern amenities such as television, a desk, a wardrobe, large beds and large windows. Rooms are always clean and smell good. No need to move too much, all utilities are at hand is the special thing that this hotel gives you during your stay here.


Like a nice small apartment with enough facilities. @Internet
  • Address: 5 Chome 9-5, Abenosuji Abeno-ku, Abeno, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $50

9. Hotel Keihan Yodoyabashi

Located in Osaka, a 6-minute walk from Kitahama Station and Yodoyabashi Station, the 3-star Keihan Yodoyabashi hotel is an ideal accommodation for sightseeing trips. Nearby attractions include the Osaka Palace, Tenmangu Shrine, National Museum of Art, and so on. Osaka Station is also less than a 15-minute walk away.

The hotel lobby is bright and spacious, sophisticated. @Internet

Design style quite “western” but still keep the Japanese tradition in every line. The rooms come in bright beige colors flattering eyes, wall-mounted fridges and large windows. There is also a private desk, a heater, sleepwear and full of personal items. Room is always clean, cool and smells pleasant. Especially the hotel area does not allow smoking so the air is always fresh.


Design cute pink tones with wall cabinets expand the area. @Internet

Breakfast at the hotel is quite complete and delicious, served in the form of buffet. Most of the guests staying here for breakfast are extremely satisfied with the freshness, processing flavor and abundance. Hugging 9.2 great points on Traveloka’s site, the hotel will definitely make your stay more wonderful.


Fresh food is always ready to “recharge” for you. @Internet
  • Address: 2-4-6, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $50

10. Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi

End the list with the 3-star Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi – located in central Osaka, just steps away from Amerikamura and Shinsaibashi Shopping Area. This hotel also embraces an impressive 8.8 points on Traveloka, so you absolutely can trust the service here.


Entering the reception hall saw the subtlety clearly shown. @Internet

The rooms at the hotel are simple, sophisticated and minimalist Japanese standard. Equipment such as televisions, safes, refrigerators and desks are still available in the room. Some decorative details such as wood tiles or leather tiles make the point make the space more modern. If you need help, do not hesitate to call staff because the staff at the hotel are friendly and enthusiastic.

The hotel also has a small restaurant serving breakfast buffet. The dish is not too majestic but nutritious, quite diverse and fresh, sure to energize for a perfect visit.

Dining room style is quite fresh and cozy. @Internet
  • Address: 1-5-24 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Chuo, Osaka Prefecture
  • Room price per night: From $60

So the list of 10 hotels in Osaka by tinyduoc itself “measuring, shoemaking” and sending to you is over! Hopefully, you can find a suitable accommodation, “push” the spirit of travel up and prepare for the autumn leafy season!

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