Top 7 caves in Quang Binh, Viet Nam


Not only Son Doong, Thien Duong … 7 caves in Quang Binh below bring spectacular beauty and become an ideal destination to attract tourists to explore.

Quang Binh was dubbed the ‘cave kingdom’

There are no official statistics on the total number of caves in Quang Binh, but this is the most concentrated cave in Vietnam. Over the past 25 years, Quang Binh has discovered more than 350 caves, of which more than 30 caves are being put into tourism. Besides Son Doong, there are many other famous caves such as En cave, Pygmy cave, … About 70 km from Phong Nha center, Tu Lan also owns about 20 caves with stalactites and unique natural tectonics. unique.

Son Doong cave

Son Doong is the largest cave in the world in 2009 with about 3 million years old. Son Doong cave has a length of about 9km, some locations of the cave have a height of up to 200m and a width of 160m overwhelmed with majestic scenery. Son Doong has two natural skylights, this is also the only place where there is light when the sun shines on. Inside the primeval forest cave with the thriving tropical trees.

Close-up of the beauty of Son Doong cave. Photo:

These 7 caves in Quang Binh were formed from the Khe Ry and Rao Thuong rivers, possessing a huge system of underground rivers with a huge size so that clouds can be formed right inside the cave. The clouds grew and covered the large compartments in the cave creating a fanciful landscape to attract tourists to explore. The most interesting experience in Son Doong cave is conquering a limestone wall with a height of 90m and also known as the “Vietnam Wall”.

Each beautiful stalactites in the cave. Photo:

En Cave

7 caves in Quang Binh are beautiful not to be missed in En Cave, this is also a gateway to help visitors easily explore Son Doong cave. En Cave has a length of over 2km, capable of penetrating huge limestone blocks on the core area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. To enter the En cave you can go in three different ways, of which the largest cave is 140m wide and 120m high.

The beauty of Hang En. Photo:

En Cave is impressed with the primeval forest and dense vegetation all creating a beautiful picture. In addition, some other areas of En Cave have arches up to 100m high and more than 180m wide, so that the most advanced headlights can not touch the walls of the cave.

Pygmy Cave

Pygmy Cave is one of the caves in Quang Binh that attracts current visitors. Located deep in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Pygmy cave in Bo Trach district has an entrance of about 100m high and 845m long.

Pygmy Cave in Quang Binh. Photo:

During the day you can see the light through the cave, so there are many types of ferns growing in the cave. The entrance of the cave is a camping site for tourists to visit and explore.

Attracting tourists to visit. Photo:

Va Cave – Nuoc Rut Cave

Va Cave and Nuoc Nut Cave are wet caves with a length of about 2 km. Visiting caves in Quang Binh, you will admire the beautiful cone stalactites.

The water in the jade green cave. Photo:

Va Cave is also home to species of creatures adapted to the environment without light such as freshwater crayfish and blind white fish. In addition, the cave is also the home of many bats.

Thien Duong Cave

Thien Duong cave has a height of 360m above sea level, the background temperature is about 10 degrees difference from the outside. The entrance to the cave is covered with forest canopy and cliffs, inside Thien Duong cave is divided. into big compartments and the widest place is 200m, over 100m high.

Quang Binh, Thien Duong Cave. Photo:

The stalactite system in the colorful Thien Duong cave symbolizes the culture of each region such as Tien Ong, Buddha Ba, terraced fields, stilt houses. There is a wooden bridge 1000m long and 3 wide, 5m for visitors. For the adventurous travelers, when visiting the cave in Quang Binh, you can trekking 7km inside the cave or boating through the 10m long stream, wading through each cool stream and admiring the blazing sunshine.

Tu Lan

Tu Lan Cave includes two dry and wet caves with a length of 2.2 km, attracting visitors with beautiful valleys and also the scene chosen by many film crews. Tourists often combine conquering Tu Lan cave with Mouse cave, Ken, Kim, Hung Ton, … Tu Lan cave tour is attractive with interesting activities such as wading streams, jungle trays and swimming in the river system. underground in the cave, admire the romantic mountain scenery, camping.

Tu Lan cave. Photo:

Tien Cave

Tien Cave is one of the beautiful caves in Quang Binh with a length of 2.5 km. In the summer, Hang Tien is a dry cave but in the rainy season, a large river appears in the cave. The underground water in Tu Lan cave flows around the ground about 2 km to Hang Tien and the natural Jade Lake in the cave. Hang Tien contains many stalactites with large corridors and layered limestone floors carved into beautiful stone statues.

Tien Cave, Quang Binh. Photo:

Above are 7 beautiful caves in Quang Binh attracting domestic and foreign tourists today, hoping to help you have a discovering trip and many memorable experiences.


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