Top 5 most beautiful ski resorts in Europe


If you want to travel to Europe in winter, try taking a day to try out the skiing experience in this place. Certainly, you will find extremely interesting with this new sport.

Skiing has always been considered one of the most popular sports activities. Currently, during the winter trips to Europe, try taking a day to try and experience the ski resorts in this place. Certainly, you will find extremely interesting with this new sport. Through the following article, Vietnam Tourism would like to introduce to you the Top 5 beautiful and best ski resorts in Europe that you should visit in the upcoming travel!

Travel Europe: Top 5 most beautiful ski resorts

1. Courchevel ski resort – France

Courchevel is one of the ski resorts and resorts that are not too expensive in France. This place is highly appreciated in the European region by travelers who have visited. For those who travel to Europe, here are famous celebrities of the upper class such as British super player David Beckhams, Kate Middleton, Prince William, … and many others. At the Courchevel Resort, you’ll find plenty of good skiing, a full day cable car system that makes it easy to travel between the ski area and the resting place. Rated as 5-star resort with luxurious services will give visitors a dream vacation.

From Turin International Airport, about 85km east of the Courchevel ski resort. You can fly directly from Vietnam to this resort and contact Courchevel ski area for them to pick up. Courchevel Resort will be open to visitors from 6 am until 3 am the next morning. If you come here early, you should take advantage of drinking a cup of coffee in the next shop operating 24/24. Surely, you will feel like you are warmed up and much more alert to prepare for the upcoming exciting experiences in Courchevel.

2. Chamonix ski area – France

The famous Chamonix ski area is known as the capital of skiing enthusiasts in France. Because every winter comes, more tourists travel to Europe to ski here than locals. It is also the host of the first winter Olympics in the world – in 1924. It is also the ski area with the highest cable car system up to the top of Aiguille du Midi. If you are a professional skier and really like the thrills, this is a destination not to be missed when you have the opportunity to come to France.

Chamonix ski area is located in a city of the same name at the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. The main mode of transportation here is the boat. Fares from the town center to the ski area fall into the range of 24 Euro. Opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. You can choose to relax at a cozy hotel in town in the evening and then move to the ski area during the day.

3. Breuil-Cervinia ski area – Italy

Breuil-Cervinia is one of the best places for the whole family to enjoy skiing and dislike this sport. Breuil – Cervinia is very affordable and suitable for anyone who wants to try skiing here. Snow park and playground and natural ice rink with bar and sun terrace. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy lunch at Riguio Guide del Cervinio on the Plateau Rosa glacier. If not skiing, European tour visitors can also go to some famous attractions like the highest cave in Europe and the ancient village of Chamois, with stone walking streets and renovated houses.

4. Zermatt ski area – Switzerland

Coming to the village of Zermatt without cars in the upcoming trip, you will enjoy a very special and quiet atmosphere. Tourists in Europe can shop for luxury shops, play thrilling sports such as paragliding, snow walking, climbing, skating, skiing or hockey ice and ski bridges. Even the sleigh ride on Gornergrat – one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. Especially, when you come here, do not forget to try some red wine at Igloo Bar.

5. Seefeld ski area, Tirol – Austria

This special Seefeld village is considered the ideal place for skating, Nordic skiing, tobogganing and paragliding. Tourists in Europe can also take a dip in one of Europe’s most beautiful pools surrounded by a snowy area. The village of Seefeld is also famous for its winter walking paradise with more than 141km of snowy roads and many traditional huts resting along the way.

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