10 beautiful locations in Phu Quoc, Viet Nam( Part 1)


Phu Quoc pearl island is small but indeed “very martial” always. Numerous beautiful landscapes of Phu Quoc are still waiting to be discovered. From the “golden forest” to the “silver sea”, from the forest to the stream, going all these places, you can bring back a “belly of experience” and a “like basket” always!

1. Sunset Sanato Beach Club

Sunset Sanato Beach Club is a name still “a bit” unfamiliar to tourists or to Phu Quoc right? Actually, this is a complex area of Sunset Sanato project at Truong Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Phu Quoc. Here, you can freely take photos of check-in, enjoy BBQ party, sweet cocktail while admiring the beautiful scenery of Phu Quoc.

Say this is Truong Beach, not far away, will anyone believe it? @djemi_djabbarova
Sunset Sanato Beach Club is a place for entertainment for young people on weekends. @ale_buyanov

The first special thing at Sunset Sanato Beach Club is the extremely clean beach, smooth white sand stretching freely. Moreover, Sunset Sanato “made up” the beach with many small scenes such as “flock of elephants” walking on the sea, jellyfish flying ashore, “human head” gate, … extremely creative and unique. second!

The fish are “unleashed” on high, far away is the elephant walking the forest. @ vananh2107
Only in Phu Quoc can jellyfish fly in the sky! @alisaaasvl

The main décor style of Sunset Sanato is the bright, vibrant and especially Western tones with the beach bar. Sunset Sanato Beach Club also has small family play areas, a sports area and massage services on the beach.

Bamboo road leading to the sea. @ tynguyen0405

Entrance fee is $2 / person, including 1 coupon of $2 for food court, fresh water bath service and comfortable use of chairs, though, without charge. The fee for other services here is from VND $3 for BBQ and from $2 when using the bar.

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