Top 5 hottest shopping mall in Singapore for shopaholics


For shopping shoppers, the top 5 hottest shopping mall in Singapore such as 313 Somerset or Robinsons Mall are places not to be missed when visiting the lion island nation.

1. 313 Somerset

313 Somerset is one of the 5 hottest shopping mall in Singapore and also the famous shopping center of Orchard area.

Located at 313 on Orchard Road, a very favorable location, below is the MRT station so it attracts many tourists to visit and shop. The biggest difference of 313 Somerset is that it is the focus of mid-range brands so the price is not too expensive as other shopping mall, suitable for all shoppers.

The famous shopping area on Orchard Road. Photo:

If you want to buy items in the casual fashion style, visit the stores of brands like Cotton On or Uniqlo. And if you love the dynamic, modern style, there are Zara, Mango, Levi’s or Century 21. The large 8-storey space is extremely beautifully designed to help you have the most comfortable shopping moments. In particular, there is also a fish massage service to help the feet become comfortable and relax after a day of moving and exploring.

Luxurious space with class brands. Photo:

Not only is it home to many dynamic and modern fashion brands, 313 Somerset also has an extremely eye-catching design for you to unleash your poses in check out in shimmering virtual living quarters. Typically on the ground floor, the space is designed to mimic a famous street in Europe – Discovery Walk.

In addition to this shopping mall there are many restaurants and food court area from popular to high-end. Typical dishes of Singapore or fast food famous around the world are concentrated in this culinary area.

2. Robinsons Mall

Robinsons Mall is a unique supermarket chain in Singapore, which not only focuses on famous brands worldwide, but also has exclusive products that do not overlap with any shopping center. Other trade. In addition to fashion items, there are household items, sports equipment and beauty products here. In particular, the furniture here is sold exclusively with strange designs that are hard to find anywhere else on the island nation of Singapore.

Unique design of Robinsons Mall. Photo:

Not only attracts shoppers by exclusive items, Robinsons Mall also has promotions and discounts every weekend for members. This is an opportunity for visitors to buy branded products at more attractive prices, thereby saving a lot of budget.

The place where exclusive items are gathered. Photo:

From the moment you arrive at the door of this department store, you can see the smart design that makes it easier for customers to shop. Each stall is arranged logically, visually and easily. Especially, this central business district has a very special scent that helps visitors feel comfortable when shopping.


  • Address: No. 260 on Orchard Road
  • Opening hours: From 10:30 am to 10 pm

3. Takashimaya

As one of Singapore’s hottest shopping mall, Takashimaya is Japan’s leading retailer. Originating from Japan, the design of this commercial center also has a classic and luxurious look. A quick glance is enough to see the intelligence and logic of the Japanese.

Japanese cosmetic brands hit. Photo:

There are a total of about 130 stores from many different brands. From mid-range Japanese brands such as Uniqlo to luxury brands like Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton are here. In particular, in Takashimaya also has a largest bookstore in Singapore. It focuses on many famous book genres from many countries. Those who are followers of Japanese comics will definitely not be able to miss this attractive shopping center.

The central business district attracts many visitors. Photo:

In addition to fashion items and books, cosmetics are also a diverse item at Takashimaya. Cosmetic brands from many parts of the world will give visitors a lot of choices and for those who love Japanese cosmetics, this will also be an ideal shopping paradise.

  • Address: No. 391 of Orchard Road, Singapore
  • Opening hours: From 10 am to 21:30 pm

4. Far East Plaza

As the oldest shopping mall in Singapore, Far East Plaza attracts many shoppers both at home and abroad thanks to the extremely soft prices from popular brands. From the outside you will see this place is no different from a miniature China in the heart of the lion island nation.

Little China is small in the heart of Singapore. Photo:

Stepping inside this shopping mall you will see a large space with many products of popular brands. There are hardly any famous, high-class brands here. Therefore, Far East Plaza is very suitable for those who are passionate about shopping but not too abundant in finance. In particular, this commercial center also has a lot of promotions, many fashion items will be discounted when buying 2 or more products. Despite the cheap price but extremely good product quality, the design is also modern and fashionable.

Chinese cuisine specialties. Photo:

Another interesting thing in this hottest shopping mall in Singapore is the Chinese food paradise. This place gathers extremely unique local restaurant chains. Standard Chinese dishes will make you feel like you’re in China instead of the beautiful Singapore.


  • Address: No. 14 Scotts Road, Singapore
  • Opening hours: From 10am to 10pm

5. Isetan Scotts

As a shopping mall in Japan, Isetan Scotts is known as the hottest shopping mall in Singapore for its abundant goods, affordable prices and extremely thoughtful service. There are many different products from perfume, fashion, furniture, sports equipment, beauty to electronic devices and stationery.

Leading retail brand in Japan. Photo:

In addition, Isetan also has traditional Japanese dishes with typical flavors. This will be a dining paradise for those who love sushi, mochi or Japanese noodles. Especially, coming to Isetan, visitors will experience hand-made Japanese food under the guidance of professional chefs. After you finish, you will enjoy the food created by your own hands. Truly an interesting and extremely unique experience. Besides, there is also a movie theater for visitors to rest and relax after the shopping process.

Japanese culinary paradise. Photo:


  • Address: 350 Orchard Road, located in Shaw House building
  • Opening hours: From 11 am to 21 pm

Top 5 hottest shopping mall in Singapore above will definitely be an unforgettable destination for the shoppers when visiting the lion island nation. Come to experience and bring back the items you love.

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